Wednesday, June 24, 2009

First week of summer

Forget dates on the calendar - there are more reliable signs that it's summer in Cleveland ...

trapeze action

sitting around looking moist

(pretend) butterflies emerging from their cocoons

teeny tiny produce

So, MLF, enjoying the heat down there in Texas? It was 82 here today ... I thought about turning on the air conditioner, but then the sun went behind some clouds and I forgot all about it. Bwahahahahahahahahaha


Anonymous said...

Don't forget the low hum of the children in the background either begging for popsicles at 10:00 am or stating in a not quite grown up voice that they are "borrrrrrred".

Ah yes, Virginia, It is summer in Cleveland.


mlf said...

Today's LOW temperature is 82 degrees.

Anonymous said...

Apparently gravity takes a vacation, too

(ref first photo)