Monday, June 15, 2009

What's that spell?

Over the weekend Liza attended a birthday party for one of her preschool classmates. It was a joint bash for her and her brother, with a cheerleader/football theme that worked for both of them. The parents did a really good job with the theme, helping the girls get gussied up with glitter makeup, spirit tattoos, sparkly hairspray, and pom-poms, while the boys all got ref's whistles and got to do a punt/pass/kick game on the football field the parents had spraypainted on their lawn.

Most of the girls were a little bewildered by the whole concept of cheerleaders, so it's a good thing there were some older girls there to teach them The Ways of Pep. I'm fairly certain those girls had all been through cheerleading camp, as they actually seemed to know what they were doing. Despite their young age, they managed to get all of the four-and-youngers to do a "stunt," even Little Miss Velcro Who Only Wants To Visit The Goldfish In The Fountain.
And yes, I have proof, because it was cute beyond words. Maybe I'll have to enroll her in that silly cheerleading summer program after all.

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Anonymous said...

Science camp not cheer camp!