Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Excisions R Us

Tomorrow morning we will all trundle out of bed early to go find out whether that crusty lump on Zach's lip is, indeed, the return of The Cancer.  If it is, well, he's already past the median survival time for cats who have even one bout with mast cell tumors, so I guess we should count ourselves as lucky.  But the recurrence of The Cancer would be a Bad Sign.  Not to mention what surgery and/or radiation therapy will do to his modeling career ...  So let's all just hope it's an abscess or something, right?


ETA:  Doctor says it's not The Cancer, it's The Figment of Your Imagination.  Couldn't find a thing wrong with him.  Oh, well, at least now Zach has had a good experience at the vet, as opposed to most of his "knock him out before he gnaws your face off" visits in the recent past.

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mlf said...

I'm sorry to hear this.