Thursday, June 04, 2009

Well, I guess I have to talk about this sometime

Saturday was supposed to be Liza's dance recital.  I say "supposed to be" because she didn't actually make it to the performance, preferring instead to go completely batshit crazy backstage for an hour.  

The combination of tons of kids all (loudly) getting ready to perform, me saying I needed to go sit in the audience while she stayed backstage with her friends, and the time of day all conspired against Liza, leading to a meltdown (literally ... she was wearing mascara, which is now all over my dress) of epic proportions.  She was utterly inconsolable, to the point where I really wanted to smack some sense into her, which of course wasn't exactly going to work.  After the fourth little kid came over and asked why she was crying, I decided it wasn't worth getting the other kids upset and ruining their recitals, too, so we left.

Out of the maybe 50 or 60 kids performing that day, mine was the only one who melted down for more than five minutes.

I hear the rest of her class performed admirably well.

I, meanwhile, fumed for the rest of the day.  I discovered that when I'm insanely pissed off, I can turn an ill-fitting sweater back into a pile of yarn balls in less than 5 minutes, and I can knit a third of a sweater in an evening.  

For the benefit of my parents, who drove for 9 hours from Delaware so that they could see Liza not make it onstage, here's my crappy video of her dress rehearsal.


Anonymous said...

Hey, she was trying to do most of the dance and was one of the more willing participants in the Small World segment. Also, it's hard to fault how cute all the girls looked in their costumes. She has lots of time for other recitals when she'll feel more cooperative. I was lucky in that I got lots of dances performed for me while I was visiting.


Anonymous said...

We missed Liza at the big dance but to be honest, it was a little "anti-climatic" after all the fuss of the rehearsal. Perhaps she just felt that she had done her part and was more interested in getting on with her "summer"? Regardless, she did great at the rehearsal and during class all year. You really should be proud of her. She's come a looooooong way since the beginning days!


p.s. - I hope you feel better now for posting. And for the record, the sweater you made is stunning!

Leslie said...

She is still little. I have been reading you since she was a baby, just think at how far she has come since the days when she wouldn't let you out of her sight!!