Friday, April 16, 2010


Boy, I sure am getting a lot of nothing done now that the weather is (at least sporadically) better. Liza has been spending hours and hours outside, but since she's on the trampoline next door or hanging from our trapeze by her knees (don't ask), I have to keep at least part of an eye on her most of the time. And we don't have a whole lot to do in the backyard, at least not until it dries out back there, so I've been picking up sticks, swinging on my porch swing, and getting some mindless knitting done. Not so much blogging, though, although I do have tons to write about. Just don't have it mentally organized yet ... so hang in there, there will be a ton of stuff coming, if ever I dig myself out from the mess in the house (and convince my daughter to come inside and just watch a freaking movie for goodness sake).

In the meantime, look who has developed a sudden love of ordering things for herself at the counter at fast-food restaurants:

I really have to restrain myself to keep from cackling, "Go get me another diet Coke, slave!" Kid is finally useful for something - who would have thunk it?

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mlf said...

Yeah, but they're old enough to be useful then they're old enough to have an attitude.

Why does getting useful and getting an attitude have to go hand-in-hand?