Monday, April 19, 2010

Never heard of that before

Last weekend we went to the zoo for my training walk, and Jason and Liza cruised the exhibits while I walked circles around them (literally - I'd do a circle through the Northern Trek area while they were checking out the polar bears, and wander around the top of the hill while they were on the playground near the primate house, etc.). I ended up going past every exhibit several times, which let me see some behaviors I'd never seen before.

Heck, I managed to find an animal I'd never seen before. Before watching "Madagascar" I'd never heard of a "foosa," the lion-like things that keep trying to eat the lemurs. I'd never seen one in a zoo, either, so I sort of assumed that they were made up to add interest to the plot.

So imagine my surprise when I rounded the corner on the tiny Madagascar exhibit in the primate house and found that there was a fossa on exhibit right across from the lemurs. Score! I was even more surprised when I saw what the thing was doing:

I've heard of a "lazy eye," but I've never seen any animal with a leg that's so lazy it won't even get on the exercise wheel. I think it probably is harder for the fossa to do this than it would be to just get on and run like a normal animal. But it's definitely funnier this way.

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