Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Well, that went well

"Do you remember Bill from when we go to Mom-Mom's house for Thanksgiving or Easter?"
Of course! He's the old guy who tries to give me high fives.
"That's right, he's your great-grandmother's husband, the guy she married after your great-grandfather died a long time ago. Remember how Bill has seemed sort of sick the last few times we've seen him? Well, this weekend his body got too sick to keep working, and he died."
So now great-mom-mom can marry somebody else!
"Well, I guess she could if she wanted to. But right now, it's okay to feel a little sad, because we're going to miss Bill. But even though Bill's body is dead, his soul is up in heaven with God, and that should make us feel sort of happy. Because in heaven, nobody's sick or sad or hurting, so Bill is probably really happy to be there."
But what if Bill feels sad?
"Well, in heaven nobody feels sad. I think it's sort of a rule up there. Maybe if you start to feel sad, God finds something to make you happy again."
So if Bill feels sad, God can find somebody to give him a high five, and then he'll feel better.
"Sure, sounds good to me."

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