Thursday, November 04, 2010

Halloween roundup

At school, all the kids had to dress as a character from a book (and bring the book with them - no cheating, smartypants!), so Liza threw on every piece of schlocky jewelry she had and was Fancy Nancy.

At home, despite having a perfectly lovely witch costume (thanks, Tab!) which she had specifically requested several weeks ago, Liza decided to make up her own costume again this year.  At least we got something more identifiable than last year's "orchestra girl."  

I give you: Christmas Caroler

Only she wouldn't wear the hat or carry the folder labeled "Christmas Carols" with her while trick-or-treating, so our neighbors probably think she's a bit touched in the head and just skipped ahead a holiday or two this year.  Oh, well - at least it made sense when she did tell them what she was!

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mlf said...

We had 400 kids come to our house for Halloween. I know how many kids because the candy comes in 150 piece bags.

If the kids are older than 12 or without a costume, then they have to solve a math problem before they'll get their candy. Something on the order of what is 17 times 3? Or 3 X-squared is 27, what is X? Or for those adverse to math, name 5 of the original 13 colonies.

We only had one kid who refused to think for his candy.