Monday, November 01, 2010

She's got it bad

At breakfast this morning:

Liza: 'Lewis and I are at 14. When we've sat next to each other 16 times on the carpet, then we're boyfriend and girlfriend.'

Me: Does Lewis know he's almost your boyfriend? 

Liza: 'No, he hasn't heard the love song I made up for him yet.'

While working on a sketch this afternoon:

And when we were at school today for parent-teacher conferences we noticed that the class had posted pictures of the pumpkins they designed, along with little profiles about each of them.  Lewis's pumpkin "likes to play with Liza."  Of course, there were no fewer than half a dozen pumpkins named after Lewis, so apparently he's a popular guy.

I swear, it's like watching a telenovela or something, and they're only five.

Time to start teaching her German and looking into Lutheran convents.

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