Wednesday, November 03, 2010

You know you put off the gardening until too late when ...

... you have traded your sun visor for a wool knit hat.
... you have to wait for the frost to melt before you begin work for the day.
... you have to wear warm gloves under your gardening gloves.
... you can see your breath as you curse at the clods of clay that you laughingly call "soil."
... you start thinking that you could just leave the spade sticking out of the bed, put twinkle lights on it, and call it a seasonal decoration.
... you're more concerned about frostbite and chapped lips than you are about sunburn and heatstroke.
... you have to drag the bags of mulch inside Home Depot to check out because the outside register isn't open anymore.
... you know from first-hand experience that if you wear really loose jeans, it is possible to fit one of those microwavable rice heating pad things inside the waistband to keep you toasty while you work.


mlf said...

Aren't your vegetables done?

What are you trying to grow in frozen soil?

Dude, it is time to try hydroponics, knitting, or construction paper flowers. If you're freezing then nothing's growing.

Trying to get growth from frozen soil is like trying to get blood from a bagel, or silk from a beet, or to get wax from a pig's ear, or however the saying goes.

Anonymous said...

Great idea about the microwavable rice thingys. I am going to try that tomorrow as I try to sneak in 100 daffodil bulbs in my new NORTHERN garden before the ground actually freezes.

Did your snow stay on the ground?
(Mary Ellyn)