Sunday, November 14, 2010

Odd Meal From Our Fridge

Dinner tonight:
Leftover butter chicken, lamb ghosh, rice, naan, and kulcha
Brussels sprouts with butter
Pumpkin and sage linguine with butter and salt

And the kid had a peanut butter and Nutella sandwich.

Now I just have to manage to use up two heads of cauliflower and two giant squash before, um, Thursday.  Either that, or we're using it as ballast in the car on the way to Delaware ...


mlf said...

Love to get your recipes for how you make your lamb ghosh, naan, and kulcha. I have not yet broken into Indian cooking.

mlf said...

BTW, what is the difference between naan and kulcha?

Ari Blenkhorn said...

How to use up the veggies: I tried cauliflower "rice" for the first time recently and thought it was pretty good. Trivial to make. Run raw veggie through shredder disk of food processor. DON'T ADD WATER (or you'll get mush, not faux-rice). Cover and microwave 3-4 minutes.