Monday, March 19, 2007

Can't write much ...

... because the kid's been asleep for two hours and could wake up at any moment, and I've already been online for more than an hour at whatever the hotel's local phone rates are, and I may have to kill myself if I sit through loading one more agonizingly slow page via the AOL dialup access we have temporarily. Gahh.

On the positive side, I'm getting a lot of embroidery done while I wait for pages to load. Thank goodness for mindless, easily interrupted craft projects.

Well, we're here. It only took a six hour car trip (car stuffed to the gills with everything except for the one Barney DVD the kid was obsessed with that got accidentally left at home in the player ... oops) and a couple of days to settle into our new digs. The cats have finally come out of the three-quarter-crouch skulking position, and Liza has started saying "bye bye hotel" whenever we get ready to leave the room. We may have found a house - Jason's ready to make an offer, while I'm still staring at blank walls in the hotel room trying to figure out if we can make most of our furniture fit in the house without applying a chainsaw anywhere. Ironically, this house is about four blocks away from our first house, the one on Luann Drive, the one with ugly yellow siding and powder blue shutters and a family of 8 raccoons living under our hot tub. Luckily, this one is hot-tub-free, isn't yellow, requires no stripping of wallpaper or tearing up of ugly carpet, and has a ridiculously large backyard. Jason's already shopping for a riding lawn mower. Anyway, take a look:

Okay, back to my redwork. More to come, including possibly photos of the house(if I go insane and try to load them ... they'll be more like thumbnails if I do, because I'll be darned if I'm going to spend $1,000 on phone bills this month)


Anonymous said...

House looks nice. I always did like your first neighborhood - love the big trees but then I never had to do the raking.

G's Mom

Kimberly said...

I'm so glad you updated me. :) I have been checking the blog at least a couple of times a day to get word of how things are going. Glad to hear that you may have found a house. I know I don't really enjoy the hunting process.