Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Now we've done it

Bought a house, that is. Yep, the split-level that's four blocks from our first house is now our fourth house. Home inspection is set for Saturday, and I'm in negotiations with two mortgage companies for the best possible rate on the planet. I love the fact that even with the original rates we were quoted, our house payment is now going to be about $200 less than it was in Kentucky. I also love the fact that with a 15-year mortgage, we'll have the house paid off before the kid goes to college (unless she turns out to be one of those geniuses who goes to college at age 7). That makes planning for her college fund a little easier!

Today has been a day of frenetic back-and-forth calls with realtors, home inspectors, mortgage companies, relocation coordinators, moving companies, and various spouses and parents and such. I can't believe I managed to make all those calls while the kid was awake - true, she watched the same Elmo video three times in a row, but she was remarkably good about not whining for more juice and more crackers and Elmo no Barney no Elmo no Barney ... I guess that's what actually getting enough sleep will do for you.

She's still been having sleep issues on and off (not that I can blame her - I don't think any of us has actually slept through the night in about two months), which really sucks when we're trapped in a hotel room. Especially since she can get her door open, and she likes to wander around the room in the dark asking for crackers and Barney. That's fine until she does a faceplant on the edge of the coffeetable and splits her lip open at 3am, which is what she did Monday night. Let's just say I'm glad the sheets and carpet aren't mine to have to clean up when we leave.

Anyway, last night she slept through until about 5am, then silently wandered into our room and tried to climb in bed with us. Jason got her some juice and crackers, turned on the light in her room, and told her to play in there until we told her it was time to get up. She came back to us a couple of times, and the last time I set her timer (the one we use to keep bedtime under control) for half an hour and told her to stay in there and play until the beeper went off. And she did! It was like a miracle and will probably never happen again, but that extra 20 minutes of half-sleep made all the difference in my ability to not use duct tape as a parenting tool. Then she crawled into bed with me, gave me a big hug, and said, "Mama angry?" I guess that Barney video about emotions is actually getting through to her. I told her that I wasn't angry, I was very happy that she had let us sleep longer, and she said "Mama happy!" and gave me a big hug again and fell asleep on me. So that's why people have more than one of these little urchins ...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Can't believe you are so organized, when is the big move going to happen? Your Liza is one cool kid. K's mom

Anonymous said...

Yes, indeed, congratulations! Are you still in Richmond sometimes? or are you all ready moved out? I realized the other day I have some of your video tapes. I thought I would watch them, but Star Wars makes me sad.
Mary Ellyn