Sunday, March 25, 2007

Scenes from a hotel

I've been knitting like a maniac, finishing projects so fast that I swear I'm actually going to run out of projects BEFORE we move into the house. That's a good excuse to allow myself to buy new yarn, right? Right?
Patterns from:

That tank top is made of yarn spun from bamboo fibers ... thanks to the properties of the fiber, it drapes like a dream (note to self: only wear sweater when willing to suck in gut continuously) and weighs about twice what you'd think it should. You could smother small animals with that thing, I'm telling you. If I had enough money and time to make a dress out of the stuff, I wouldn't be able to stand up under its weight.

Meanwhile, let it be noted that if I hear several minutes of strange rustling noises coming from the living room, I'm likely to find a scene like this:
Yes, those are the leftover grocery bags we're saving to use when we clean out the cat box. At least she grabbed the unused ones ... which we now store on top of the refrigerator.


Anonymous said...

Nice sweater!

But I'm a little confused by the gloves. Are these gloves for typing when it is really cold in the house?
- MLF (living near Dallas)

Gretchen said...

Yes, that's the idea. Remember our last house had an unheated office? That was so cold our cordless phone wouldn't work if we stored it out there? Maybe I'll leave these for the new owners (whoever they may be).

Melinda said...

The tank looks lovely!

Anonymous said...

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