Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Sparky the Napless Wonder Child


If the kid so much as blinks slowly in the car when we're running errands, it resets her nap clock so hard that she refuses to sleep until about, oh 5:30, despite the fact that she is so tired she's literally reeling around the hotel room. And the more tired she gets, the more ill-behaved she becomes, and the more short-tempered I become. I just want the kid to lie down for 10 minutes so I can make some phone calls to try to find her a pediatrician - is that too much to ask?

Today I even resorted to bribery - "you get a special treat (code for M&Ms) if you lay down for 10 minutes, and we'll watch a video when you get up .... IF YOU DON'T OPEN THE DOOR TO YOUR ROOM." 15 seconds after I left the room, she's standing in the hallway, shit-eating grin on her face. Needless to say, the M&Ms will not be making an appearance, and I'm seriously considering sending Barney to his room for the rest of the week.

On the positive side, while she's been puttering around and falling over she figured out how to put on her Crocs, making this the first time she's ever managed to don an item of clothing without assistance. And I found a new web site that was good for at least a couple giggles:

Check out the archives - there are a couple of doozies in there.


Anonymous said...

At this point, my kids only take naps in the car. As a result, we take the long way home from the grocery and seek driving diversions so that the kids can continue their nap in the car. It just complicates life when you are taking notes about the pediatrician while talking on the phone while driving the car while keeping the music playing so that the kids stay asleep.

You summarized it accurately when you said, "Gahhh!"
- MLf

Anonymous said...

... and I remember Uli at that age, fighting to hard to stay awake all day long, until he sat down for dinner and promptly fell asleep, he head splashing right into the sphaghetti. A sight I will never forget! However, give the kid a break, she has to deal with a lot of new and different impressions. It is hard to be a calm, cool and collected mom at times! Love those blogs of yours, puts everyting in to perspective! K's mom