Friday, March 23, 2007

Desperate measures

We've only been in the hotel for a week, and already I've had to resort to the tried-and-true hack called "stick tape to the floor to make roads and parking spaces for toy cars." First we made the big square, and we killed at least five minutes following directions (jump into the square, jump out of the square, dance in the square, walk on the square, throw the ball into the square, kick the ball out of the square, etc.). Then we brought in the cars and spent at least 10 minutes driving them around the square, to which I added a feeder road and a shortcut, plus some parking spaces.

She was so into it that she decided she had to try it out with her toy stroller ... not too successful, but at least it was more interactive than another Barney video.

And when she got bored with the cars and the stroller, peeling up the tape kept her occupied for another five minutes or so. All in all, it was a great way to spend that dead zone between dinner and bath time.

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adrienne said...


We may have to use this at playgroup soon! Thanks for the great hack!