Thursday, April 26, 2007

She bangs

I told myself I wasn't going to cut Liza's bangs again until she showed signs of being annoyed by having the hair in her face. Well, she finally learned to do the official gesture of toddlerhood, the smearing of gunk all over her face while trying to wipe the hair out of her eyes, so yesterday we visited my stylist. Her bangs aren't as short on the one side as they look; they just fell funny in these photos.
And yes, before you ask, we left the sides and back alone so the curls would keep growing. I won't even look at them sideways, for fear that she'll lose the wave in her hair before she's old enough to appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

One Cute Girl! Love her hair style.
K's mom

Anonymous said...

And yes, you are bookmarked!

Katherine said...

cuter than cute overload!!

Anonymous said...

Charming photos!

Anonymous said...

My goodness, she is getting all grown up!
Glad to see that the move is almost over, you must be exhausted.