Sunday, April 15, 2007


I read through the employment section of the newspaper today, more to get a feel for how it's laid out than because I want to find a job anytime soon. I used to do this with the Lexington paper, just kept an eye on the job to see where certain types of jobs were advertised, that sort of thing, just in case I ever needed the information. Sometimes I stumble upon interesting possibilities for career changes, such as the one I found today:

Established adult video distribution company seeks full-time, on-site personnel to view and enter data about adult videos for Internet-based video on-demand sales. Creative writing skills required. Call xxxxxxxxx for application instructions. EOE.

I am just agog with curiousity about this one. Is it legit? Or are the "application instructions" just a way to direct perverts to pay to download videos so they can send in sample plot summaries? How exactly would one include this on a resume and not look like a pervert? Could you make requests about which sorts of films you summarized? Would you need hepatitis shots before you went in for an interview? Would the fact that I've only ever seen about 5 minutes of a porn movie work against me? Do they offer benefits and a retirement plan?

Oh, so tempting to call for more information. If only it were a work-from-home opportunity ... then again, ew, maybe not. Wouldn't really want the kid stumbling on the bestiality videos when she's looking for Barney, now would I?

Some of the words included in this post will mean that some people who search for, say, 'bestiality' on google will end up here. Hi, guys! You're the reason I didn't post the phone number ... don't want competition for the job, you know.


Anonymous said...

I have a friend who makes his living writing the blurbs on the back of paperback novels. It is a job that pays well and is in demand. Most of the time, he doesn't read very much of the book. In fact, some of the times he needs to write the blurb without having seen any pages of the book.

This sounds like a good use of your creative writing skills. And just think of the hits that you would get on the companion blog that includes the ratings for the individual movies!

Anonymous said...

Considering your considerable photographic talent, you might also consider today's article in the New York Times:

Baby on Board, and a Photography Business, Too
As digital single-lens-reflex cameras have become more affordable, more people — overwhelmingly women — are starting photography businesses.

Allen Holman said...

Very funny post - I had similar fear posting a kids game on my site.

I renamed it from what one may traditionally call a male chicken fight in order to avoid the wrong type of traffic.