Friday, April 13, 2007

WIP Friday

My first attempt at knitted socks, complete with short-row heels and built-in slouchiness. I'm hoping to finish this first one tonight, if Liza cooperates and goes to bed at a reasonable hour (hahahahahahahahahaha yeah, as if we've gotten her to go to bed before 9:45 since we've been home from Easter). I won't be able to do it when she's awake, since I'm going to have to switch to five needles to finish off the toes. Yes, five needles. Good gad.
When I showed Jason how the cuff of the sock is designed to scrunch up on its own, he said, "Wait, you're purposely making 'quitters?'" referring to his high school term for socks that wouldn't stay up. Apparently I'm still channelling my inner 1980's child, because super-slouchy socks REALLY appeal to me.


Anonymous said...

Now, if you left the needles in the sock, then it could also be sold as acupuncture/acupressure medical equipment. Can you knit into the sock a needle for the acupressure point for bowel control? Thus, whenever Liza needs to go while you're stripping at the mall, you can simply tell her to stand on her tip toes.

Gretchen said...

You made me snort Diet Rite out my nose, M. Thanks for a good start to my day :)