Thursday, April 26, 2007


Saturday was the first time in weeks it was warm enough to be outside in shirtsleeves, so we busted out the sunscreen, hats and shades and went to the zoo.

Liza has decided that the hat and shades suit her style, so luckily we haven't had much of a problem keeping them on her (yet).

We even managed to keep her from dumping Mingo the Flamingo in the duck pond (or the rhino exhibit, or the giraffe pen, or ...).

And, of course, we rode the zoo tram three or four times and got a hot pretzel as a snack, so the kid couldn't have been happier if she was swimming in ice cream.

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Anonymous said...

Three cheers for the local zoo! It is good entertainment at a good price.
(whose wife works at a local zoo)