Thursday, April 26, 2007

Fun with my site meter

That's the little box at the bottom left of my page that shows how many visitors the site has had since I started tracking it. This evening I was up over 4,700, which seems like a lot to me, at least.

I try not to visit my statistics page too often, because it's not like I use the information for much other than the "oh, cool!" value. But when I see my hits jump up (thanks, Parenthackers!), it's fun to stop in and see where people are visiting from and whether they looked any further than just the link from the other site. In the past couple of days I've had visitors from England, Canada, Australia, and Saudi Arabia, plus a dozen states in the US. Some I can identify as friends or relatives (Hi, Kylie-Ann! Hi, Joy!), while others I'm looking forward to getting to know (I'm talking to you, Mr. or Mrs. Wheaton, IL, who spent over an hour on my site this week!).

And the cool thing I've noticed today is that now that the initial flush of Parenthack click-throughs has died back, I'm getting a lot more hits from people who get to my site by entering the root address. That is, I think they've bookmarked my site and are checking in to see if there's anything new today. How cool is that? I have an audience that's increasingly made up of people I don't actually know!

Welcome to all of you; or, rather, welcome to all of you except whoever got here by searching for "girls panties" on google. You can just move along, okay?

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Anonymous said...

part of my daily morning routine is checking in here to see what's new. and if there isn't anything, i check in again before bed! i've said before how much i love your humor and style of writing -- and Liza just keeps getting cuter. love all the photos! i remember when you were Nihon back on CT (that IS right, right??) and i always enjoyed your posts there, so when you "left" i found you here. what fun! good luck with the upcoming packing/moving....
roxanna (grandmother of 3)