Friday, September 05, 2008


Okay, so mommies aren't allowed in the studio, and we're not even supposed to peek through the window because it distracts the girls, so my selection of photos from today is pretty limited. That didn't stop all of us from milling around at the edges of the window, sneaking looks from a vantage point where we could see the girls reflected in one of the mirrors but we didn't think they could see us. Not ideal conditions for photography, but I did manage to sneak a few, such as "Dancer listening to the rules of the class"

And "Dancers enjoying a break" (which I took by sneaking just the camera up over the bottom ledge of the window - just call me Smart)

And "You want me to do what with these tappy things?"

Notice that none of them feature my daughter crying, whining, or clinging to me like Velcro brand hook-and-loop fasteners. And they were taken over the course of an entire 55-minute class.


Not only did she make it through me leaving her there without so much as a wave, she didn't even snivel the entire time, even when "Miss Mo wanted me to join in with all the other girls but I didn't want to so I watched and then I joined in after a while," which in the past has been a major trigger for her. She didn't burst into tears when I came in to pick her up at the end ... and she gave the teacher a hug even though she'd never seen her before today, and she agreed to go to Burger King afterward so she could have lunch and play with one of the girls in the class. And she didn't burst into screaming when she saw there were other kids on the play equipment, or when the other kids ran into her, or when the baby tried to borrow her kid's meal toy.

For one brief, shining, two-hour period, I had a normal kid.

And now she can't stop talking about how nice her teacher is and how much fun the class is and how much she likes her shoes and how much fun the class is and how she was supposed to join in to the Mickey Mouse clubhouse song but she didn't want to and then she watched the rest of the girls and she DID join in, and can we go back again NOW and will Leah be there and when will it be Friday again and did I mention she liked the class?

From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Liza.


mlf said...

May this lead into a nice weekend for you.

Anonymous said...

Liza looks so grown up! Also elegant and gracefull :)

Anonymous said...

She already has the correct posture! K's mom

virtuallori said...

That's so great, for both of you.