Friday, September 12, 2008

Now THAT'S customer service

Our local parents' group is sponsoring a stay at the Kalahari ** waterpark that's about an hour away from here. Since the group discount is close to $80 and it brings the price of the room and four waterpark passes down to an amount that's close to what a regular hotel room costs, I was all over that.

When I called today to make my reservation - have to call to get the discount - I was on hold because all of the reservation folks were busy. After two or three minutes on hold, a person came on and took my name and phone number so they could call me back.

What an extraordinarily great idea. Someone explain to me why nobody else does this?

It was so nice to NOT be on hold for 10 minutes, and instead get a bunch of other stuff done while I waited for the call. And when my cordless phone died in the middle of the registration, they had my phone number and called me right back ... same person and everything so I didn't have to go through the "let me find your record, oh, you don't have a record, let's start over again" bull.

Such a refreshing change from most customer service phone lines or reservation lines. Way to go, Kalahari!

** Now if someone could just explain to me why they named a waterpark after a desert, I'd be perfectly happy. With that naming logic, their next property is probably going to be Gobi Waterfront Villas. Or Botswana Beach. Sheesh.

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