Tuesday, September 16, 2008


She dumps a huge handful of Tinkertoys on my desk while I'm trying to find out whether she has school today (please, god, please let there be school today).

"I want you to make me a gigantic, glorious, glorious flower!"

Usually I can trace the big words back to which television show or book they came from ("a beautiful dress that sparkles and shimmers" is her term for her dress-up dresses, and it comes verbatim from a version of The Nutcracker we've been reading since last Thanksgiving). But I have no idea where "glorious" came from.

J - any clue? Because it's not exactly something that comes up a lot in casual conversation.

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Anonymous said...

I can remember (but not exactly) the first time Iain said something that I knew I had not programmed into him, or been present when he was programmed with something... it's the beginning of them moving out into the world without you... but not as bad as a tree on the roof.

Mary Ellyn