Thursday, September 04, 2008

Then and now

Then ...

Now ...

MAH BABY STARTS DANCE CLASS TOMORROW AND LOOKS SO PRESHUS AH CAN HARDLY STAND IT! And she probably won't take off the tights or the leotard until after her class, possibly not until she has to get dressed for swim class Saturday!

Look, she knows second position already! She called this the "dancer who is afraid of thunder during a storm" dance.

How do I know she's going to have a great career in dance? She's got the basics down already without any prompting from me ...

How scary is that picture? She just started this last week when we moved the scale to paint the bathroom. I swear, she has almost never seen me even step on the thing, much less get upset over the number it displayed. Now she obsessively checks her weight every time she sees the thing, like some sort of anorexic supermodel with a massochistic streak. The funny part is that she doesn't recognize numbers higher than about 15, and sometimes she reads them out backwards, so her weight varies from "0-3" to "3-3" pounds over a week.

Plus, the poochy tummy cracks me up.

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