Saturday, May 30, 2009

Speaking of eggs ...

Yesterday gave us unexpectedly nice weather, and we made the most of it by dragging the grandparents with us to the Cleveland Botanical Garden.  Liza was alternately incredibly bored and really excited.  For example, she ran into her old adversary, the fountain in the children's garden:
Well, not so much "ran into" as "stood around and stared at."  Oh, well - she'll be thanking me for that fountain later this summer when I drag her back again and it's 9 million degrees outside.

The glass house was distinctly lacking in chameleons, but apparently Friday was "Everybody Lay Eggs on the Maypop Day" in the butterfly community.  There were an insane number of butterflies around the vines, all attempting to lay eggs at the same time.  All that activity wasn't so great for getting still photos, but I managed to grab a couple while they were catching their breath in between sorties.
Liza, meanwhile, was absolutely 100% convinced that if she stuck her hand out, butterflies would come and land on her finger.  Who does she think she is, Mary Poppins?  Snow White?  

We bought her a Monarch butterfly finger puppet, and she flapped all the way home.


mlf said...

Chameleons live my backyard. I'm told by my zoologist wife that they are really Anoles.

Sadly, they do not eat fire ants.

Kimberly said...

Maybe she's misunderstanding the spindle wheel and finger part of Sleeping Beauty? I'm sure Aurora had butterflies on her fingers while in the woods with Merryweather and crew. :)