Friday, May 07, 2010

Signs I've got a new project brewing

  • The waist-high pile of library books I've got by my desk, each filled with Post-In notes and dog-eared pages.
  • The overall level of clutter in the house has risen to Orange Alert status, which involves me telling Liza she's not allowed to have any friends over to visit until she helps me clean some of the junk up. So she's playing at the friend down the street's house instead. When we hit Red Alert, Jason's head explodes.
  • The notebook littered with half-coherent ramblings I write down at midnight when the computer's off but my brain isn't.
  • An unfortunate tendency to use my friends' innocent comments or observations as a jumping-off point for the Lecture of the Day.
  • Most exciting gift I've gotten recently: two bales of straw, leftover from a friend's Halloween decorations. Seriously, I'm psyched about them, and have many plans.
  • I asked a friend if she would mind if I showed up at her horse barn with a 5-gallon bucket to steal some used bedding.
  • I know how to spell "agrarian entrepreneurialism," not that I'd want to do it on an hourly basis or anything.
  • A growing file of ideas, observations, plans, suggestions, recipes, questions, and quotes.
  • New recipes on our menu for the past few weeks. Lots and lots of new recipes.
Anyone want to guess what I'm planning for?


mlf said...

Mushroom farming?

Anonymous said...

I'd say composting, but the entrepreneurialism (I couldn't spell it I had to copy-and-paste it) has me worried.

Anonymous said...

Using the heat generated from the decomposition of the straw in order to break ice dams during the winter?

Anonymous said...

Tryouts for the Wizard of Oz?

(scarecrow and the like)