Thursday, May 06, 2010

Wow, I wish I didn't know this

Know what happens if you wear your regular size shoes for long-distance training in warm weather? Your feet swell and don't fit in the shoes anymore when you're, oh, 14 miles from the end of your training. And you end up with Runner's Toe. Which improves in size, coloration, and overall suckiness day by day, until buying one of these starts looking like a reasonable idea.

(lack of embedded photo in my post - you're welcome, you pansies)

I'd start laying odds on whether I get to keep the nail or not, but I'm supposed to walk a total of 32 miles (in my new ginormous shoes) this weekend, so I'd say the chances of it hanging on are slim to none. If it falls off, I'm totally keeping it and wearing it as a good luck charm during the actual walk in July ... either that, or making some Regretsy-worthy jewelry out of it. Oooh, maybe I could make the jewelry and auction it off to help finish raising my funds for the walk? Now that's a great idea!

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