Wednesday, May 12, 2010


G: "Okay, now that we've got the granola bars in the oven, I'm going to wash up the dishes."
L (in a very upbeat, cheerful tone of voice): "I think what I'd like to do now is go sulk in my room for a while."
G: "Have fun with that.  I'll let you know when it's time to cut 'em up."

The granola bar recipe is from Buns In My Oven and can be found here.  We're using up a bunch of leftover Easter candy, so our bars will be studded with chopped up Hollow Chocolate Bunny and some pastel-coated Reese's Pieces, among other things.  I figure I'll go for the healthy stuff once The Big Sekrit Project starts.

Note to self: Probably need to discuss the definition of "sulk" with her again, as it does not mean "hang out by myself and read because I'm in such a good mood."

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