Saturday, October 14, 2006

Fall in a small town

You can tell it's fall here in town because Big World, the crazy guy who drives around town every day on his lawn mower, is renting out advertising space on his trailer to candidates in the local elections:

And he's traded his summer "sombrero and banana-seat bicycle" look for the puffy coat and lawn mower ... that's the real giveaway. And yes, Big World is his name - says so right on the lawn mower and everything.

Oh, and last time the people where Jason works checked, it costs about $40 to advertise on Big World's trailer for a day. At least it does if you want him to drive around the work parking lot at lunch time with a snide birthday announcement for a coworker. Not a bad rate of return, even with today's gas prices. Do you think I could charge higher prices if I had a cute baby strapped into my trailer with the signs? Then again, buying the sombrero and bicycle would really cut into my profits ...

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Anonymous said...

Yes, but if cute baby makes a lot of noise you could charge for a siren;)