Thursday, October 12, 2006

Ze Frank, being funny so I can go to sleep

Ze Frank has been posting a video blog every weekday for more than half a year now, as part of the League of Awesomeness's plan to take over the Internet. Some of the shows are funny, some are (somewhat) serious, and some make me snort Diet Coke out of my nose. Today's show starts off slow, but the last 45 seconds or so are the funniest thing I've seen in a long time.

the show with zefrank

Then again, could just be the lack of sleep talking. Sleep? What's that? I think I had some of that a few weeks ago, before my daughter returned to Satan's fold and forsook the Land of Nod for The Land of Screeching and Writhing Until 1:30 am. More on that fascinating subject later. For now, just watch Ze, okay?

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Anonymous said...

... but those are seagulls, not ducks... and those are bricks, not red rocks... and the rock actually looked cute with its little white hairdoo...