Thursday, October 19, 2006

playing catch-up

Remember I mentioned in a recent post that the first hat I made for Liza was finally going to fit her? I was right:

Okay, it sort of makes her look like a dockworker wearing an eggplant on her head, but at least it kept her noggin warm ... for the 30 seconds she kept it on.

See that? That's my daughter riding a Big Girl Swing. And not falling off (yet)!

And this one is for all those people who say Liza looks exactly like me. Check out the eyes on these two (and the bags underneath ... it's been a long couple of weeks for everyone around here):

I'd post a photo of their startlingly similar scary toenails, but I don't want to lose any readers due to gross content. Let's just say, you look at those feet and there's no doubt that Jason was somehow involved in her conception. Let's just hope she got his knees, too.

Oh, and see this? This is the most precious pumpkin on the planet, at least on the days when she's not screaming, biting me, hitting me in the face, plopping her ass down on my face when I'm resting on the couch, or whining incessantly because - horror of horrors - I dared to breathe her air.

We just won't dwell on the fact that not only did I have to take 25 shots to get one where she was actually smiling, but we had to take these shots during a walk to the park which was occasioned by an extreme case of "If we don't get this child out in public soon, one of us is going to strangle her." Did I mention it's been a long couple of weeks? To paraphrase a friend of mine, "Hi, I'm Liza, and I'd like you to think I'm two."

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