Thursday, October 26, 2006

October orchard jaunt

This is the second year we've dragged our daughter to the far side of Lexington to take her picture with pumpkins. Why do we do this, when there's a pumpkin patch 4 miles from our house? Because the orchard we go to has a whole little amusement area for the kids, including two slides you ride down on burlap bags, a very nice petting zoo, swings, hay rides, a snack bar that features cider slushies, etc. Since Liza is so young, the only thing we had to pay for was our lunch, the pumpkin we bought, and entrance for one adult to go to the petting zoo with her. And the petting zoo was totally worth the $3 or whatever it cost, because the animals were really vocal. Liza got to hear the noise a camel makes (don't ask me to write it out ... go rent The Story of the Weeping Camel and hear it for yourself ... excellent movie, by the way) and got to hear the donkey braying. The goats were maaaahhhh-ing, and I'm sure the kangaroo would have been making its own noise if they made noise, which I don't think they do. Anyway, she was suitably impressed.

Anyhoo, we took lots of pictures, way too many to post here. They're available online at Snapfish, but you have to access them through this link because the album is private:

I've been trying to post a picture from last year's trip to Boyd's, but blogger is being recalcitrant again. I'll try one more time, and then you'll just have to imagine the cuteness that was my 6-month-old daughter propped up against a pumpkin. Ha! Success at last!

(I really wasn't kidding about my hair loss)


Anonymous said...

She's gotten so grown up! She is also getting cuter by the minute. It looks like she has the world wrapped around her little finger. does she enjoy halloween?

Anonymous said...

Nice photos!