Sunday, May 06, 2007

Oh my god, the tiredness

Packed Monday, Tuesday; loaded Wednesday then drove to Cleveland; cleaned and shelf-papered and painted and fixed Thursday; unloaded and got Liza's room finished Friday; got our bedroom unpacked and finished Saturday; unpacked and organized kitchen and tools Sunday.

We've accepted deliveries: Liza's new bed, two mattresses for the guest bedroom, a riding lawn mower, a washer, a dryer that we can't plug in because the 220V outlet isn't working right now, a satellite dish that we had to put smack in the middle of our front yard because it's the only place with the proper sightline, a new cell phone for me, and a new DSL modem.

Most of the house is still a disaster area, partly because the new house is significantly smaller than the old house, so we're having to plot and plan where to put things - we actually have a closet we're referring to as "The Pantry For Kitchen Gadgets We Only Use Twice A Year But Can't Get Rid Of Because When You Need Them, You Need Them," more familiarly known as "the useless pantry."

My sewing room is particularly bad, since it's now my sewing room/office/global headquarters for Lazy Mama Designs, meaning I've got two desks, a huge file cabinet, my cutting table, computer, all my fabric, all my yarn, all my patterns and books, and all my miscellaneous office stuff. I literally have to move boxes just to get from the door to my computer, and the boxes are chest-high. It's all going to fit, but there's going to be a heck of a yard sale in a few weeks.

Assuming I can find where I put the camera (and it didn't get swiped by any delivery guy or buried under a stufflanche), I'll post some photos soon.

And yes, Liza is doing well. My mother and father are here, and mom's main job is kiddo entertainment. That's mainly involved taking her outside to the new swingset and pushing her in the swing until she falls asleep and/or gets sunburned ... fine by me, as long as the kid isn't underfoot, I don't care what mom does with her. The cats joined us at the house today, and have so far managed to find the cat box and food, even though they have to shimmy through a cat door to get into the basement.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! We missed hearing from you and wondered when the move was over. Yes, the tiredness... looking forward to the first pictures! K's mom

Anonymous said...

Just as long as this doesn't interfere with your postings on Mind Flush.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on surviving the move.

Katherine said...

dude, you're queen organized, you'll have that place whipped into shape in no time!! ;)