Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Done (ish)!

Well, all we have left to do is rinse out the paint trays and put the door back on the hinges, so I'm calling the guest bathroom officially done.

Here's the highlight of the renovation - the world's coolest (small) sink:

It's topped by the world's coolest (in stock at Lowe's) faucet:
The faucet is so cool that the contractor fixing up our bedroom saw the box a few days ago and wanted to know where we got it because he'd never seen anything like it.  Score!  It's not something I'd want in our everyday bathroom - can you imagine the germ factory that thing would be with a four-year-old who spits all over the faucet twice a day when she brushes her teeth? - but I must admit, I'm going to be washing my hands in the guest room a lot more frequently now than I did when old Leaky McUglysink was there.

I did the whole renovation myself, except for having Jason help me rip out the old sink cabinet (because he is always looking for an excuse to use the Wonder Bar) and hold up the new mirror while I screwed it in place.  But he did all of the painting on the repair in the bedroom and got stuck with all the child care that Manny didn't do, so it evens out.  

And if the paint color in the bathroom looks familiar, it's because we recycled it from the bottom half of our hallway in Kentucky.  I'm planning to use the color from the upper half of the old hallway to paint the family room, which abuts the guest bathroom, so the color should flow nicely.


mlf said...

Very nice!
The faucet looks like one of the hand pumps that my brother has on his ranch/wasteland.

Anonymous said...

Love the new bathroom. Can I come over and wash my hands too? I promise I won't uck it up.

Mrs Happy

virtuallori said...

Very nice! I got a similar sink when I redid my Avon Lake bathroom, and I *loved* it. Great for small spaces.