Wednesday, May 16, 2007

paint-with-water hack

I'm finally posting all the stuff I thought up while I was trapped in Dial-Up Land.

Just wanted to share a quick tip we use to keep the "I have no coordination but want to do everything myself" tantrums at bay during painting sessions. Rather than give her a full-sized paintbrush, or a sawed-off version of one, we just give our daughter a handful of cotton swabs. They're cheap, disposable, and just about the right length for our 2-year-old to handle successfully. About the time the swabs start to fall apart from over-use, she's lost interest in painting, anyway.

This works really well for paint-with-water pages, but it would probably be a good solution for older kids who don't like to mix colors together when they're using watercolors, too. One swab per color, end of story.

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