Friday, May 11, 2007

progress report

Look - carpet!
The Closet of Extreme Fabric and Yarn Awesomeness, including the Tote of Hideous Acrylic Yarn I Will Only Use For Making Disposable, Indestructible Stuffed Toys (grey one on the lower right)

Why it pays to just pack the thread in a shoebox instead of on the wall organizer:

Unloved and unwanted sewing/craft supplies that don't have a home in the sewing room (yet)

Because my mother was right, the old kitchen paint was the color of dried blood. Now if we can just do something about the countertops they faux-finished to look like malachite ... ***

The last of the main boxes - nothin' but books, baby! Four tall, three wide, and three deep ...

What happens when you move from a 3000-sq-ft house to a 1700-sq-ft house? Basement Overload. Not to mention Garage Impairment and Bulging Shed-itis.

Oh, and I found my checkbook - it was in my knitting bag. And, buried under a load of stuff in an unloved section of my "office" stuff, a gift card that a friend gave me two years ago ... guess we're going to find out whether Victoria's Secret was serious when it said they never expire.

*** new kitchen paint color: Butter Up, from Sherwin-Williams, the same as our last house. The semi-annual paint sale is this week, so we stocked up on some of the colors we know we'll be using. Our bedroom will be Restful, the color we used in the family room in our last house. The guest room and lower-level bathroom will be Lupine on the top, and white beadboard from the waist down. We're staining our swingset and deck, too, but I can't find links to those colors. Red and green, respectively, in case you were wondering.

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Anonymous said...

Should we be surprised that the fabric room is unpacked before the living room?