Thursday, May 17, 2007

Yearly trek to Berea for portraits

Yep, I'm actually thinking we should do it. I mean, what's not to love about the photos the folks at Brunner's take?

Yes, these are proofs, and I'm not supposed to duplicate them. However, since I'm duplicating them for the sole purpose of telling the world that I love Brunner's photos so much that I may be willing to drive for 6 hours to have my daughter's portrait done there every year, I don't think they'll sic their lawyers on me anytime soon.

That last shot is one of my favorites, even though you can't see her face that well. Anytime I get to see her trying to put bracelets on Mingo the Flamingo (proud member of the Pink Posse)'s neck, I break into a chorus of awwwws. And you can't even see the ring-around-the collar Mingo is developing from being carried around by his neck by a grubby-handed urchin.


Katherine said...

those are adorable, but you take some pretty great shots of her yourself!!

Anonymous said...

Wow. The gestalt of the photos tells stories. I like the swing photo and the bracelets-on-the-flamingo photo. They have emotional depth. Although I am proud of my scenic photos, I would love to learn how to take photos like these.

Perhaps it helps to have a photogenic child?

Anonymous said...

wow - can you get any cuter? Great photos and yes, I would drive 6 hrs for the yearly shoot! K's mom
ps katherine is right, your pics are great too and they cost you nothing!

Anonymous said...

It's hard to get a bad photo when you've got a kid like Liza, but these are too cute for words. I'm partial to the action shot with Mingo!