Sunday, May 13, 2007

You don't see that every day

The other night we saw some neighborhood kids on the next street over who are probably going to be in the running for a Darwin Award someday. Little sister (maybe 8? 9?) is sitting in a wagon, which is tied to the back of another wagon. Older brother (maybe 11? 12?) is sitting in the front wagon, holding onto the handlebar of a self-propelled lawnmower, which he has tilted back so that just the propelled wheels are touching the ground. They're driving this deathtrap around in figure-eights in the street, maybe 100 feet from the entrance to the neighborhood. At one point, brother cut the turn too tight, tipping his sister's wagon over and just about running her over with the lawn mower. The blade was disconnected, but still. I mean, if you're going to run over your sister with a lawn mower, at least do it in private. The whole thing held the same sick fascination as a train wreck ... you know you should turn away, but you just can't. Besides, if we didn't watch, who would write up the nomination?

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Anonymous said...

Next time, we would like pictures!