Saturday, May 12, 2007

What we did today

This morning:

This evening:

Books shelved, "wat-nots" (as the movers labeled them) distributed, lamps lit, pictures and quilts hung, carpet vacuumed, dining room turned into a William Wegman Shrine, kitchen turned into a Sandy Frick shrine. Check. There are still a few miscellaneous bits and pieces to put away (or throw away), but at least you can see most of the carpet and the top of the dining room table.
Meanwhile, Liza was doing some rearranging of her own:

And Jason tackled the basement, just in time to clear a path for the delivery guys to squeeze through to replace our water heater. Nice, HOT shower, here I come!


Anonymous said...

So, has Liza found the joy of cardboard boxes? When moving, our kids enjoyed becoming jack-in-the-boxes and popping out at odd moments. They also enjoyed running full speed into a stack of boxes.

Anonymous said...

I am impressed! You are making great progress in getting the house hospitable. And I agree with MLF, cardboard boxes make great toys - like houses to nap in or to crawl through if you cut a tunnel on opposing side. Plus they invite to clean up in the evening, just dump everyting in it.
K's mom