Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Anyone need a boat? Too bad, this one's sold!

We're selling our 16' Old Town Loon 160T tandem kayak. It's been a good boat, but we hardly ever used it, even before we had 30 pounds of deadweight to haul with us and keep from jumping overboard.

For $400 you get a gently used boat with only minor cosmetic scratches on the underside of the hull, two paddles, a dolly to get the thing to the water, a roller to get the thing into the water, a cover to keep spiders out of the cockpit in the winter, and a set of tiedown straps for use with most standard roof racks. This boat retails for about $700, not including all the extras, so this is an excellent deal.

If anyone is willing to come pick it up in Northeast Ohio, I'd love to hear from you.

UPDATE 6/22/07 - Sold! Gotta love ... this sucker was out the door less than two days after I listed it. Hooray! Now you can see more of our crappy cracked garage floor!

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Anonymous said...

I highly recommend buying this boat!

We have a pair of tandem kayaks, which are similar to this one, and we love them. Compared to a canoe, these touring kayaks are more stable, more maneuverable, faster, and less sensitive to the wind. Our kayaks have been used on whitewater rapids and on multi-day kayak/camping trips. I have uploaded some photos to .

At 5-months pregnant, my wife continues to paddle her own kayak and to get them on-and-off the minivan. Use this anecdote as a guide to the user-friendliness and versitility of kayaks.
- MLF (in Dallas, TX)