Sunday, June 10, 2007

Carl the Dog

My mother bought Liza one of the Carl the Dog books, which feature a mother who leaves her child in the care of a Rottweiler while she goes off and does something fun. I'm pretty certain my mother just liked the pictures, and she wasn't implying I'd do anything like that myself (we don't have a dog ... dang, it sounded like such a practical solution).

Anyway, the book was so awful that it made me want to claw out my own eyes, so after one or two readings it quietly went to live in the pile of stuff destined for the consignment shop. I've mostly forgotten the horror that was Carl ... until now.

My god, this is so funny I actually peed my pants. True, I haven't been keeping up with my Kegels recently, but STILL. If you scroll down to the link for the other selections in the series, you'll see the one where the author invisions what life would be like if Carl's owner was a hobo ... it's just as funny. And the children's book by the Beastie Boys? Priceless.

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Anonymous said...

The indignation at our household is directed towards the really bad biology in children's films and literature (my wife is a zoologist). For example, the Disney movie Ants gives all of the worker ants a sex change because all of the worker ants are FEMALE.