Monday, June 11, 2007

Sometimes it's the comments that make me giggle

Here's the original blog entry, which is funny, but the comments are even better ... especially:

"I just want to thank you, Alice. For years I've walked the planet searching for something more pointless than non-alcoholic beer and now, thanks to this post, I've finally found it. Non-alcoholic beer for dogs. If the intellectual dynamos that came up with this stellar concept were sitting next to me right now, I would take off my shoe and beat them with it until they were dead. Not even violent death at the hands of a shoe-wielding madman would be as pointless as non-alcoholic beer for dogs."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

If you are looking for good ideas, then forget about combining beer with toilet water. Instead, consider combining a cemetery with a golf course.

Most cemeteries are empty expanses of grass, with clumps of trees and gentle landscaping. By using ground level tombstones, the space can double as a golf course. Go and visit your relatives at the third hole. What better way to honor the deceased then to bury them where they spent their time. I estimate that you can fit 18,000 graves on a typical golf course. On a cemetery/golf course, you might visit them more often.

Just think about it.

It might work.