Wednesday, June 20, 2007

First harvest

Not because I need cilantro right now, but if I didn't trim it today, it was going to bolt to seed and I'd be screwed for the rest of the guacamole season.

And because it's only going to stand still to get its picture taken once, I'll post this, too:

It's pinkie-sized right now, so I'm guessing we'll be starting on the zucchini diet by this weekend, maybe Monday if I let things go a little longer than I should. When I've got so many potential zukes, there's not reason to let them get much bigger than a pickle. And maybe this is the year that I finally try the battered zucchini flower recipe I've seen a million times over the past decade.

PS - my hands smell like tomato stems and cilantro ... regardless of what the calendar says, I say it's already summer!

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