Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ack! The cuteness! I can't take it anymore!

When Liza was a baby, the surest way to get her to smile during photo shoots was to pretend to sneeze. This was especially effective if Jason was doing it - he can really ham it up.
Fake sneezes are so 2006, though, and I've been working on a new way to get her to not grimace as though in pain (her version of a forced smile) every time she sees the camera. And today I think I stumbled on the answer.
Let a good loud one (or even a pathetic breathy one) rip, and the kid giggles like mad while looking straight at you.
I knew some of the skills I learned in marching band* would come in handy someday.
*burping on command, pretending to play when my slide has frozen in place, marching backwards really fast while holding my upper body completely steady so I don't cut my lips to shreds on my mouthpiece, proper house-toilet-paper-rolling techniques, consuming four donuts without puking or getting the shakes, and looking dignified despite the huge feather mohawk on top of my helmet.


Susan said...

She seemed to like the little squeaky toy the photographer was holding at the wedding too, lol

mlf said...

Great photo!