Monday, August 11, 2008


Saturday's weather was beautiful - 70 degrees and sunny - so I didn't have much of a problem convincing Jason to take us to the North Ridgeville Corn Festival, a local fair-type-thing that we've never actually made it to in the past.

It was much larger than I was expecting, with tons of food vendors, plus a full complement of carnival rides and games. Liza seemed interested in the rides, but we weren't sure she was actually going to make it through any without losing it, so we bought $10 worth of tickets instead of a $14 ride-all-day wristband. Good thing, too, or we never would have gotten her out of there.
Eventually we ran out of tickets and declared a break for dinner ... after riding the pony, of course.
What was for dinner at the corn festival? Guess ...
After dinner we walked over to the nearby playground to try to run off some of the corn dog, and Liza wanted to do nothing other than swing and go down the twisty slide over and over again.

Then we stopped for ice cream on the way home, and poured the kid into bed early. A good time was had by all, in other words.

Think I staged the photos somehow? I offer in my defense a relatively nausea-inducing video of Liza on the rides, titled "Operation: Make Grandpa Puke." Poor Dad has issues with things that go around and around ... better have a trashcan ready if you watch this one, dude.

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