Saturday, August 16, 2008

Feeling mighty proud

Before (May)

During (July)

After (today)

The last phase of the renovation involved three cans of spraypaint, $40 in plants, and a half-dozen astoundingly ugly pots that got a makeover this morning. I got lucky with the plants, as the local garden center was having a great sale (and the lady behind the counter was sort of clueless, so I think I got some unmarked bargains ... like that gigantic Dragon Wing begonia in the back, which I think is the most awesome plant I've ever purchased - was 3 for $10).

I love, love, love the pink and blue combination. If only I could convince Jason to paint the house that color, I'm sure that would speed up the sale of the house next door. Because everyone wants to live next to a 70's split level painted to look like a fairytale cottage, right?

At any rate, I'm so happy with the painted pots that I'm sort of kicking myself that we gave away a dozen of our old unused pots at our yard sale last summer. Just think of all the periwinkly goodness I could have put next to the playset! And the sandbox! And the garden! And anything else that stood still! On second thought, I'm not sure my lungs could stand that much spray paint overspray, so maybe it was for the best.

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