Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mermaid tail for dress-up

Okay, when Liza spends all morning playing with her new imaginary friend, Alice the Mermaid, you can't expect me to refrain from busting out the sequins during naptime to make a mermaid tail, can you? Didn't think so.

So, moms and dads - what would you pay for a reversible, custom-sized mermaid tail for dress-up play? I'm thinking of making them for my etsy shop, but I want to make sure there's a decent profit margin to be had. The sparkly stuff can be up to $15 a yard, so my materials cost will probably be higher on this than on most of my other merchandise. I'm thinking like $30 for a kid-sized one, and closer to $50 for an adult one. Would you pay that for a gift for your kid, grandkid, niece, kid of a friend? And what colors would you like to see available? I was planning to go with just green or blue to start, with others available if somebody specifically requests one (and it's available locally).


Kimberly said...

I've got to have one since Morgan has been asking for one - literally told me she wants a mermaid tail for her birthday or for Christmas, can't remember which. Of course I'm cheap and poor; so, I don't want to pay $30, but that sounds reasonable given the time and the material costs. I'll get it, especially if you want to take it out in trade - a good bike helmet, or bell, or horn, or something bicycle-ish or camping-ish from a great store in Richmond. :)

mlf said...

I would only use the sparkly material on the outside and use a less expensive material on the side facing the child. Perhaps this may reduce the expenses?

Somehow, costing $25 would make it an immediate impulse purchase. Costing $30 would require me to verify with my spouse that we want it. Yes, I am irrational.

I don't expect that you will sell many adult tales as shown. I see there being a market for quality adult mermaid outfits. Let the lady supply her own bikini top. The tale would need to wrap around the front and cover the bikini bottom. It would make for a sexy halloween outfit. $50-$60 for a beautiful mermade outfit would work, especially if you had a nice photo of an adult modeling it.

In any case, I expect that you would make these to order. Thus, there is no upfront expense.