Sunday, July 12, 2009

The butterfly game

The first day we hung up the hammock, Liza invented The Butterfly Game. She wraps herself up in the hammock, I kick a yoga ball at her as hard as I can, and she laughs hysterically when it slams into her. And every once in a while she pretends to be a butterfly who has been woken up and emerges from its crysalis, but mostly it's all about getting smacked with a giant ball.

Now, my kid has always had a thing for getting hit with balls, so I thought it was just her being strange. And then she convinced our next-door neighbor to play, and Emmy thought it was hilarious, too. And she's ten and should know better. So I guess it's not just my daughter being weird, after all.

Two other four-year-olds have approved the game since then, including Penelope, who you see playing The Butterfly Game with Liza in this video. Enjoy!

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