Thursday, July 23, 2009

Um, no. Just 'No.' And possibly 'Ew.'|20595〈=en-US&whse=BC&topnav=

I especially love that they have both regular shipping ('Eh, he'll keep a few more days') and expedited shipping ('For when you've got to plant 'em NOW!').


mlf said...

Buy one now and save! Stock up for the whole family. It is one product that you know you're going to need!

Also makes a great gift. Nothing says you love them like buying a casket for your loved ones.

Anonymous said...

Consider the casket - seagull combination.

MrsHappy7105 said...

I especially like the "Mother Casket"

If I bought one, stored it, and then told my children "Someday you are going to be the death of me" (Like I usually do - without the casket) - Do you think that would make them take me seriously?

I'm tempted to try.

Leslie said...

um... wow that's just weird.